Hi! If you (a) love teaching, (b) love math, and (c) love Desmos, you should apply for a Desmos Teaching Fellowship!

Desmos Fellows are curious learners and avid explorers of the territory where math, teaching, and technology meet. They draw on their unique backgrounds and experiences to contribute to the Desmos Fellowship and beyond!

As a Desmos Fellow, we’ll fly you out on an all-expenses paid trip to Desmos HQ in San Francisco from July 12-14, 2019, for a weekend of learning and community building. You'll take all of those tools and ideas back to your schools and districts, energizing your own practice and that of your colleagues.

We hope the Fellowship Weekend is just the beginning of your participation in the Desmos Fellowship and your collaboration with the Desmos Faculty. Here’s what you can look forward to as a Desmos Fellow.

Before the Fellowship Weekend:

  • Introduce yourself on Slack, our internal chat program, to the Desmos Team and other Desmos Fellows.

  • Let the other Desmos Fellows know what kind of help you can offer the group, and what kind of help the group can offer you.

  • Participate in weekly online chats about math, teaching, and Desmos.

During the Fellowship Weekend:

  • Help us learn more about the advantages and challenges of using Desmos in diverse settings.

  • Learn how our faculty helps teachers use our powerful technology and activities.

  • Collaborate with other Desmos Fellows to create an activity, presentation, or resource to share with other teachers.

  • Receive a certificate of participation for 15 hours of continuing education.

  • Leave the Fellowship Weekend with new questions, friends, and goals for the upcoming school year.

After the Fellowship Weekend:

  • Receive support on the goals you set at the Fellowship Weekend, share progress towards those goals, and support other Desmos Fellows in reaching their own goals.

  • Receive early access to our most powerful tools and activities.

  • Receive access to a diverse range of learning experiences around math, teaching, and technology facilitated by the Desmos Team and Desmos Fellows. Some examples include online chats around a weekly prompt or article, webinars, and summer workshops.

  • [Optional] Apply to become a Desmos Certified Presenter, leading workshops, webinars, and conference sessions on a paid, part-time, and flexible basis.

Our first three cohorts were a total blast, and we're 100% sure we'd apply if we didn't already work here. Luckily, you can apply.

Fine-Printy Stuff

  • This application round is limited to residents of North America and Hawaii, though we anticipate expanding the fellowship over time.

  • “Part-time” means summers and weekends, pending your interest, and during the school year, pending the permission of other organizations that employ you.

  • Must be 21 or older.

  • Feel free to draft out responses via this Google Doc if helpful before submitting the application via our application form.

  • Email shelley@desmos.com with any questions.

  • Applications due by 12:00PM (noon) Pacific Standard Time March 1, 2019.