LEARN DESMOS: Activity Builder

At Desmos, our mission is to help every student learn math and love learning math. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of unique and engaging digital activities at teacher.desmos.com. And with our Activity Builder, you can even create your own! Get started with the video on the right, then dive deeper with the resources below.


Video Tutorials

Ready to build your masterpiece? Here's how to use each Activity Builder component.

graph icon.png


Graph components are the core element of most Desmos activities. Use them alone, or combine them with other components like note and input.

table icon.png


The table component allows students to explore connections between multiple representations—graph to table, table to equation, text to table, and more!

Image showing the activity authoring interface, with the table component as one of the options.
sketch icon.png


Sketch components offer an easy way to gather informal student thinking. With three background options (blank, graph, and custom image) the possibilities are endless.

media icon.png


With the media component, adding images and video to your activity is a piece of cake. Click to upload, or simply use our drag-and-drop feature.

note icon.png


Whether you’re calling attention to some feature of a graph, or asking students to reflect on something they’ve just done, note components can play a key role in an activity. Add text, math, or a combination.

input icon.png


Use an input component in combination with a graph, image, and/or note to collect student responses and drive class discussion.

choice icon.png


We’ve been delighted by the ways teachers have used Activity Builder to spark, capture, and discuss student thinking. To further support those efforts, we now offer multiple choice in three flavors: explain, simple, and multi-select.

marbleslides icon.png


Marbleslides is a delightful way for students to explore connections between the graphs and equations of lines, parabolas, and more. Now you can add marbleslides challenges to your own activities!

You can activate marbleslides on the Desmos Labs page.

card sort icon.png

card sort

At Desmos, we love card sort activities and all the rich discussions we’ve seen them generate in classrooms over the years. So we’ve added a card sort tool to our Activity Builder that makes it even easier for teachers to create, deliver, and—most important of all—facilitate discussions around card sort activities.

You can activate card sort on the Desmos Labs page.