Thanks for your interest in the Desmos Teaching Fellowship. This first application round is now closed. Please watch our Twitter feed for information on future rounds.



Hi! If you (a) love Desmos, (b) love teachers, and (c) are interested in paid, part-time work around (a) and (b), you should apply for a Desmos Teaching Fellowship. We’ll fly you out on an all-expenses paid trip to Desmos HQ in San Francisco over Veteran’s Day Weekend (Nov 11-13, 2016), where you’ll:

  • Get early access to our most powerful tools.

  • Talk math and teaching with interesting new colleagues.

  • Learn how our faculty helps teachers use our powerful technology.

At the end of that experience, we’ll both decide if you’re interested and ready to help teachers learn how to use Desmos as an official Desmos Teaching Fellow, leading workshops, webinars, and conference sessions on a paid, part-time, and flexible basis.

Fine-Printy Stuff

  • This application round is limited to US residents only, though we anticipate expanding this fellowship over time.
  • “Part-time” means summers and weekends, pending your interest, and during the school year, pending the permission of other organizations that employ you.
  • Previous teaching experience required.
  • Must be 21 or older.