LEARN DESMOS: Classroom conversation


Pause Class

Pause class allows you to gather student attention—whether for a brief announcement, or a class discussion.

Keep an activity paused for as long (or short) as you want. When you're ready for students to resume, click "turn off."

With pause class activated, students can see—but not interact—with their current screen.


Teacher Pacing


By default, Desmos activities are student-paced. Want to lead students through part of an activity one screen at a time? Give teacher pacing a try!


To activate, click the teacher pacing icon. Then select the screen you'd like to gather your students on. They'll automatically "snap" to that screen, with navigation from one screen to the next temporarily disabled.


Once activated, you'll see clear indicators for what screen your students are on. When it's time for student pacing again, simply click "turn off."


Anonymize (and HIDE)


Want to highlight student responses, and keep students focused on the math—rather than who was right, who was wrong, or whose work is on display? Anonymize!


Students’ names are swapped out and replaced by the names of famous mathematicians. (Delightful, right?)


Multiple logins from a single student? Or maybe an inappropriate name or comment? Use “manage class” to hide a student—name and responses—from the class.